What is My Home Worth?

The true value of your home is more than the mere figures on a spreadsheet. Often, it represent the years that you have spent in it, and all of the relationships that you associate with it. Your home may hold many memories for you, and its true value is the personal and emotional connection you have with the property. Elena Vlasyuk realizes that selling your home is not merely a business decision. You have an individual bond with the home, and Elena honors the connection that you have with your home, the experiences that you associate with it and its expression of your personality, dreams and hopes. Along with a sense of exhilaration, the sale of a home often brings feelings of nostalgia and emotional attachment.

Elena is mindful of your feelings of attachment to your property and the difficulty of your decision. She will handle it with the utmost of respect, and will provide her extraordinary networking skills to help you make the transaction that you are seeking.

One of the first steps in the selling process is setting the best price for your listing. If priced too high, a property can sit on the market for months or more. In the highly competitive luxury home real estate market, you want to ensure that you sell your property for its true value.  Elena can provide you with up to date market information that will help you evaluate your home’s worth. Contact Elena today and she will discuss recently sold properties in your area, and how your home compares with others currently on the market.

Your privacy is always important. Your information will not be shared, sold or exchanged with anyone else.

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