Meet Elena

As an experienced professional real estate agent with a vast knowledge of the luxury home market, Elena Vlasyuk shows the most beautiful, richly appointed and exclusive properties in Los Angeles. Elena has the dedication to her clients and the expertise in managing the sale of unique properties that upscale homebuyers appreciate. She is a knowledgeable and responsible real estate professional with a passion for helping her clients find the homes that perfectly fit their needs, their lifestyles and their dreams.

In her extensive experience in real estate, Elena has brokered numerous multi-million dollar sales of luxury homes and commercial properties. Her educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Economics, and in addition to her extensive real estate experience, Elena served as Director of Marketing at T3 Leads, the premier online mortgage leads firm. With her unparalleled networking skills and knowledge of Los Angeles, Elena matches each individual to the perfect property, and surpasses the highest expectations each client holds in locating the most exquisite property available.

If you are seeking a real estate professional who provides top quality service and offers meticulous attention to detail, Elena is the sales representative who you need to speak with.

If you have paid your special attention at our website, then you have taken the right path to your profitable commercial real estate investment. Would you like to know why? Find the answer below. Those who have decided to make the profitable investment know well that the first key step to the success is finding the professional commercial real estate agent who will make the complicated things very easy and obvious. Thus, our professional commercial real estate agent Elena Vlasyuk is exactly what you have been looking for and here is why…

“With passion and knowledge that come from a life of education, Elena Vlasyuk is dedicated to helping each of her clients make informed investments that will appreciate to bring her clients profit and financial freedom.” Upon discovering the keys to success in commercial real estate, Elena uses her unparalleled networking skills and knowledge of Los Angeles to match each client with the investment property or office space that works best for them.

What About Education?

Where would the respectful commercial real estate broker go without the corresponding certifications? Elena is not an exception, because she has obtained the Master’s Degree in Economics, allowing her to have a unique and individual approach to advising on investments. But it’s not always about the education only, since the presence of the certificate doesn’t always mean the broker’s competence. That’s why, it would be important to mention that Elena has the necessary tools at her disposition to make the educated decisions based on the facts, thorough analysis and in-depth research.

Not every commercial agent can show such essential qualities that may result to be one of the most deciding, when looking for the commercial real estate projects. Elena’s knowledge of latest market trends allows her to anticipate the future of investments based on concrete and tangible evidence of previous cycles rather than speculation.

Experience Is What Really Counts

These words are always fundamental in every type of job. Before Elena became the commercial real estate agent, she worked as the Director of Marketing at T3Leads. During the 5 years that she worked there, Elena was a key factor in the company’s growth and development. After honoring her skills in sales, advertising, marketing, and client relations, Elena has conquered the marketing world and decided not to stop upon receipt and move on to become a commercial real estate broker.

Once she has become the commercial broker, she has showed herself as a very dedicated and responsible professional, who has a strong passion for the work she is performing, and clear ideas about where to move.

After becoming the commercial real estate agent, Elena took the big steps forward and has closed the multi-million dollar deals, selling and leasing some of Los Angeles’s most prominent and luxurious buildings, and she does not stop here.

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