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Why Luxury Car Insurance Is Vital?

If luxury is your preferred choice when it comes to cars, then it’s important not to compromise when it comes to motor insurance. Car Insurance is a much needed commodity these days, as it demanded by law. The numbers of vehicles on the road today is countless; almost all people use their car regularly. Some drive with great expertise, while others are new on the block. A car accident cannot be planned or expected, the roads can be dangerous and it’s mandatory that you make sure you have the right coverage. Mishaps can be small or big, which can be harmful for both the driver and car. Regardless of how grave the accident is; even if the passengers in the vehicle remain unhurt, it’s highly unlikely that the car will remain intact, when this happens you’ll be thankful you invested in luxury car coverage. Having the right car insurance is sure way to recover financial losses. Some high end cars, important cars, vintage cars need a more specialized coverage, only a bespoke insurer can offer you the best classic car insurance.

Why motor insurance necessary for luxury cars?

It is suggested that luxury car or a classic car owners should have an additional rider, ensuring your investment in this type of vehicle is completely protected for special equipment. But there are a host of things, which makes luxury car insurance a worthy deal.

– Luxury and premium class vehicles stand apart from other regular cars because of their looks, performance, and comfort, and needless to mention their price. Classic car insurance is desirable to secure back any losses, in the case that something might occur with the expensive entity.

– Motor insurance is necessary because of high theft of such category of cars. Luxury cars are more prone of falling in the cunning hands of thieves, so covering them under a bespoke insurance will relieve any concerns you may have.

– Luxury car models, if damaged require exclusive parts which have to be purchased directly from the manufacturers, usually at a higher cost then a regular car.

– Driving luxury auto is not a regular affair, as they are not your everyday go-around motor transportation. So they are less inclined for getting damaged in accidents. On the other hand the performance characteristics of these vehicles do persuade aggressive driving. It is due to bigger engine volume and higher top speeds, holding true with luxury sports cars. Putting both owners’ and cars’ life at stake and demanding only the best motor insurance is the wise decision to make.

It is always beneficial for luxury vehicle owners to reach out to insurance providers that can handle with care and special attention the needs of the particular high end car, specialty insurance rather then opting for standard policies which might not give you full coverage. Such type of luxury vehicle insurance covers high policies lending, broader coverage and also covers the entire value of the vehicle and its parts.

Get your vehicle insured with bespoke car insurance services. Whether you’re looking for classic car insurance or car fleet insurance, get best quote at Visit site for more information.

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The Pro’s and Con’s of using Open House Marketing

Making the choice to sell your home is a huge decision. Most sell to upgrade or downsize due to family size.Once you have made the decision to place your luxury home on the market, the real fun begins, getting the house in the perfect shape.

So begins the cleaning, grooming, and perhaps some remodeling. Staging takes place, creating the perfect environment for those looking to buy a luxury home.

Marketing tools

With all the marketing tools available to real estate agents, selling a home has become more visual selling via the internet.The internet has exploded with so many available tools to market homes, and especially the beautiful luxury homes many dreams of owning.

What about the way things once were before the internet? Remember the days where going to an open house was the only form of viewing houses on the market? While some agents still use this form of marketing, others frown upon it. Some feel the open invitation enhances exposure, increasing the chances of making a solid sale of the home.

Agents that have had less success through the open house tactic feel the cons are much higher than the pros. Others that have accomplished sales or picked up new clients claim all the hassle is more than worth the challenge. While receiving the exposure may show an increase in potential buyers, there are several other things to consider that may help you decide on open house type marketing avenue.


Maintaining the Picture Perfect Home

Getting a luxury type home in a show-ready appearance can be a hard task. Homes of such value, shoppers expect perfection. Keeping the home in tip-top shape seven days a week can be overwhelming. Those with children or pets will spend every moment cleaning, which can be more than what most sellers are time equipped to handle.

An open house usually lasts just a few hours in one or two days. These often lead to holding private viewings that result in much less preparation time. The constant staging and preparation of a luxury home can become an expensive journey. Hosting a few open showcases will limit the stress and burden.

Planning schedules visits take the pressure away from the day in and out struggling to keep the home immaculate.

Getting to view in real time

There is no better way to shop for something than in real time. No matter what we find on the internet, seeing in person ranks higher. People may use the internet as the opening tool to find luxury homes they show interest in. Most people will not make any type decision of a major buyer, such as a home of these values over the internet.

Most agents will have a listing on their website of their open houses available. Also, agents may have clients looking for a certain type home. These clients can browse the ones available online while saving both parties time.

Exploring the homes offering an open house, the potential buyer can view the house on their own terms. Most buyers want to take their time to look at all the details while not feeling rushed. Open house marketing is a leisurely, no pressure approach for buyers to make their choices on whether to pursue a contract to buy.

Casual interest

Open house attracts many people. Not all that take a tour of the house open for visiting had an interest in buying at home at the moment. There are those that had no desire to use an agent in the search for their luxury home, yet, have a change of heart after meeting the agent.

There are times that when a visitor had no intention at the time of buying ends up making an offer on a home after taking a tour of the home.

Gaining feedback for growth

There is nothing quite like getting one on one communication as far as what works and doesn’t work. Having traffic flow for an open house gives both the seller and buyer the chance to voice their wants and needs.Open house marketing also allows the agent knowledge of how well their strategies are working.

Gaining feedback from customers in real time allows the agent to make connections on a personal basis.Communication between buyer and seller could bring unexpected offers with discussions of adjustments to:

  • Price negotiations
  • Agreeing to contract options
  • Repairs needed
  • Compromising stipulations


Open House Junkies

Of course, there are concerns about those that spend days just going from one open house to the next just to be nosy. There are people that love to go to these luxury homes just to say they were in the home at one time and to see the beauty of the home.

These are the type people that make presenting an open house challenging. Many of these house hoppers pop in, look around and leave. The bright side of this is that maybe they will tell another about the property that is in the market for a luxury home.

Concerns of theft

No one likes the idea of strangers roaming through their personal space, no matter what the circumstances are. When people are free to look and browse in luxury homes, they have a lot of expensive items at their fingertips.
Staging in these homes leaves the opportunity for theft to occur.

There are people that are professional thieves that know just how to pull off massive robbery’s.Locking up all your valuables is the best way to prevent this. There are some that remove all valuables from the property making theft impossible.

New era new technology

With modern technology, many agents feel no need to have open houses when the same dynamic can show success online. Virtual tour links on agent websites are a great tool to attract potential clients, but most still have a need to see things in real time. If you want serious buyers, allowing for an open view and a tour of the home will attract those interested.

Potential of damaged property

Anytime there is traffic in the home there stands the possibility of something getting broken or damaged. Doesn’t matter if its friends or strangers, people have a tendency of wanting to touch and handle items. Those that are selling their luxury home have a tendency of making sure the home decor is as luxurious as the home itself.

It would be a fair assumption that strangers roaming through a home will become a bit too cozy. Floors will become tracked with dirt and grime as well as furniture. Glass, broken or a treasured souvenir shattered is a nightmare most do not want to face. The best way to prevent these things are to put them away.

Asking the guest to remove all shoes before entering is a way to salvage the floors throughout the home. Decorating with unbreakable items will create less chance for broken glass.

The final decision being up to the seller on how they would like an agent to present their luxury home. There are pros and cons to offering an open house. Your agent will help you decide the best option for every homeowner.

Experience Premium Quality at Los Angeles Hotels

If you are planning on a vacation to Los Angeles then you are certainly aiming for entertainment of an unforgettable kind. Los Angeles is a city known for its nightlife, unlimited fun, vibrant colors, exciting people and undying amusement of all kinds. With its Hollywood tours, it attracts people from all over the country. It is glamorous and up-beat. Los Angeles offers legendary entertainment and historic landmarks for its tourists to behold. Los Angeles hotels are famous for their state of the art architecture and modern services. Every hotel has its own attraction from car rentals to free on-site restaurant services. It is wise to look through guides offering information on Los Angeles hotels. We wish you safe and fun vacation in the city of angels.

Sofitel Los Angeles Hotel is one hotel you cannot miss. It is known nation-wide for its state-of-the-art amenities and unparalleled services. It is modern and sophisticated. Ideally situated in the modern and chic West Side, it is only minutes away from Beverly Hills and Western side of Hollywood. It offers an enjoyable and relaxing stay with its on-site lounge, gourmet restaurant and spa services. Rainfall showers and amazingly relaxing linens are provided in order to make your stay a memorable one. You can also do luxury shopping at Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard. All world-famous restaurants are only an arm’s length away. With 295 rooms, it offers accommodation to every traveler heading its way.

Famous and attractive like its name; Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel is set in a garden of tranquility and peace. The hotel understands that the excitement offered by Los Angeles could be an exhausting one. It does not matter if your stay is short or long, the intimate and snug size of the hotel promises that you enjoy a calm stay in its abode. It occupies a privileged position on the extravagant Wilshire Boulevard. Situated in the heart of Rodeo Drive, Century City and West Village, Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel provides you easy access to a wide assortment of restaurants and shops. A golf course and spa center is present for the sake of relaxation of corporate and leisure travelers alike. Free internet access and on-site restaurants provide you scrumptious food and access to the World Wide Web whenever you please. A safety deposit box is always provided for the sake of convenience of travelers. A designated smoking area is offered as well.

Crowne Plaza Hotel is a royal extravagance provided to all travelers of Los Angeles. It is only a few blocks away from the famous shops of Rodeo Drive. It offers easy access to various points of Beverly Hills. Modern fitness and spacious accommodation is provided along with considerate amenities. With its contemporary accommodations, flat screen TV sets and wireless internet access is provided to all corporate and leisure travelers. A large pool is located outdoor. Gift shops and convenience stores are available on site. The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Staples Center are found only a few feet away. The Universal Studies is located a several blocks away from the hotel. A tennis court, fitness center, Jacuzzi, meeting center, banquet facilities, wireless internet and other services are offered. This intimately cozy and modernly constructed hotel promises you one of the best stays in Los Angeles.

Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles is only a few moments away from the LA International Airport. It is contemporary and chic in design. With convenient services such as complimentary airport shuttle service and other comfortable amenities, you are promised an array of quality provisions. It features a business center and fitness center for exercise enthusiasts. You can relax in the beautiful and huge pool. You can even shop near Beverly Hills. With its helpful and confident concierge, you are most likely to be in the best spots of LA. Palm Grill is an on-site restaurant that offers regional cuisine that includes a full vegetarian menu for vegans. An extensive collection of international beers is offered at the on-site Brewster Lounge. Tropical drinks and grilled fare is offered at the pool side of Umbrella Poolside Bar and Grille.

Always remember to consult your local tour guide for more information related to Los Angeles hotels. Your money and time is valued therefore do not waste it on inferior hotels that offer low quality. We wish you a fun stay in the city of angels!

Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Get a great deal on your Los Angeles hotels. From the luxury suites to a classy hotel there are many great places to stay. Book your cheap Los Angeles hotels today!

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Luxury Housing on The Rise in Los Angeles


Luxury homes are once again on the latest trends in the real estate market as Los Angeles, New York and London report a prospering luxury housing market. Owners of a high end apartment complex in the city of Los Angeles are investing a fortune to make their best units additionally luxurious –which eventually will fetch them more rent. The monthly rents for such apartments clock in at approximately $5000 for a single bedroom unit to an excess of $7600 for a lavish three-bedroom house.

In some of the costly neighborhoods all located in the city, there are apartments which have started to resemble a cross between a five-star resort and a $1 million home. Close to 3rd street from the upscale Grove outdoor mall, landlord Amico is investing $15.7 million to transform 115 units of its Palazzo apartment complex located in the Fairfax district into a sprawling enclave known as The Penthouses at Palazzo. The demand for expensive and luxurious homes in LA is at an all time high now with The Penthouses at Palazzo being the most expensive at the moment.

Luxury Residential Property Market Report

According to the Luxury Residential Property Market Report released by Christies International Real Estate, London ranked the best city with respect to the growing number of luxury houses. The sale of a luxurious property in the city was done at $101.5 million. It also boasted of the highest sales average per square foot, which stood at $4683. The second and third spots were taken by New York and Los Angeles respectively with a huge growth in sales volume of luxury houses.

The survey took into account the top ten major markets in the world. These were Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Cote d’Azur (not necessarily in the order). A comparison was done between these markets with respect to prices per square foot, sales price, percentage of buyers-international and non-local and the number of luxury houses per population.

Bonnie Stone Sellers, CEO of Christies International Real Estate, said that with the growing number of wealthy people across the globe, consumer confidence has started to increase as the sales of luxury real estate witnessed a surge in 2013. A robust momentum in the luxury housing market was headed by cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New York.

Luxury Spending growing gradually

Based on a report published by Spectrem for the year 2014, the total number of millionaires in the United States has touched 9 million. The number of households with net worth close to $25 million in the country is close to 132,000.

Hong Kong was ranked number 4 by Christie while creating its list of the most active markets in the world. The other markets with luxury properties besides the top ten which were examined for the survey by Christie included Monte Carlo, La Jolla, California, Sarasota and Monaco.

Some characteristics of luxurious homes in Los Angeles

Some of the features of luxurious homes in LA include the following:

  • High-end appliances
  • Premium hardwood flooring
  • Big shower stalls capable of creating room for two with rain shower heads side-by-side
  • An exclusive rooftop shared by residents with cabanas for socializing
  • Access to spa and gym selling facials, massages and other kinds of beauty treatments which are usually offered at luxurious resorts.
  • Presence of Sub-zero brand refrigerators along with six-burner Wolf stoves
  • Maple cabinets
  • Huge parking area

LA area to get more luxurious homes in the coming days

These luxurious apartments may be tiny in number but are steadily growing in Los Angeles. A new trend among developers in LA is to create opulent accommodations for few of the wealthy who prefer renting rather than owning. People testing the high-end of super deluxe apartments include Rick Caruso, shopping centre magnet and the CIM Group-the largest residential and retail landlord in LA.

The demand for high-end rentals is restricted but steadily growing, according to Shaul Kuba, principal at CIM Group. People are seeking for affordability while renting. However, there are some who want to experience that kind of living which does not involve a long-term commitment.

The other major advantage of luxurious homes in LA is the concierge or the security which is available round the clock. And, you do not have to think of parking in a crowded space since you can have access to a huge parking lot.

CIM plans to come up with some more luxurious apartments in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood and all other localities which have dining, shopping and other attractions close by.

Los Angeles has had a colorful history when it comes to luxurious apartments. Prosperous movie stars were the tenants of some elite residential properties which were constructed before the Second World War. These included the Ravenswood and El Royale in Larchmont and Los Altos and the Talmadge on Wilshire Boulevard.

Bidding Wars return for luxury homes in Los Angeles

A week after the listing of a five-bedroom house by Christie Lynch in the Brent neighborhood of Los Angeles for a staggering $3.625, she received seven offers. She struck the deal at $225,000 within days. Bidding wars for luxury homes in some posh enclaves like Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Brentwood are slowly breaking out.

The number of sold houses priced at approximately $2 million in Beverly Hills went up by 11% in Q1 2013 and stood at 39% as reported by Data Quick-a property information provider. The demand for luxurious properties is basically coming from investors wanting to make a profit, which was nonexistent a few years back, according to Joyce Rey, head of Coldwell Banker Previews International’s estates division. The percentage of individuals who are of the notion that prices of homes will go up is at its highest level, according to Syd Leibovitch, president of Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US and symbolizes the American dream. People flock to the place in search of fame, fortune and a carefree lifestyle. The luxury homes in Los Angeles are much like the residents of the city-an eclectic and interesting mix of style and personality. The dynamic mixture of luxury homes makes the city a special place to live your dream. The reality is that there are so many amazing buildings in Los Angeles with some great facilities and amenities that it’s almost impossible to stay away from them.

Buying Luxury Homes In LA Can Be Stress Free

Are you planning to buy a home in Los Angeles? There are many homes for sale in LA. If you have decided to find a home and about to start the search better prepare for the work ahead on you. But if you wish to buy a home without the usual hassle that comes with searching for a home, know that there is a stress free way to do it. Continue reading

Homes That Meet Your Lifestyle In LA

With so many homes available in the LA area it can be overwhelming to shop for home but when you have the best realtor such as VLA Realty can provide you will find that making the perfect home selection that meets the lifestyle can be quick easy and painless. Choose VLA Realty to make your home purchasing the best that it can possibly be.

Luxury Homes Available in Abundance

If luxury living is your lifestyle then you’ll have come to the right places with the LA area and VLA Realty. You’ll find that you can choose the home that provides the square footage that you are in need of as well as all of the luxury items you want. Homes with pools, spas, hot tubs, commercial kitchens, spacious bedrooms, entertainment areas and awesome views are available for the taking. You’ll be able to live the way that you have become accustomed too. Enjoy all that the many LA luxury homes have to offer.

Homes That Entertain

If entertaining is a huge part of your life be it for your social life or for your professional life you’ll have no problem finding the awesome LA home that allows you to meet your entertainment needs. Homes that offer the space to comfortably fit all of your associates can be easily found in LA. Homes that are beautiful and welcoming are plentiful in order to give you many entertaining options. Whether it’s family and friends or co-workers that you choose to entertain the perfect home is waiting for you and VLA Realty can help you secure that most important home. Imagine having your home filled with the people that are important to you and your life, providing a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere that makes them feel welcomed and secure in their settings.

 There’s No Place Like Home

A home will be the most important purchase that you make in your lifetime and once you’ve made the purchase of your choice you’ll find nothing but comfort and solace in your new home. At VLA Realty we strive to find the perfect home for you, the home that provides all of the comfort, security and luxury that you want and need. There’s no better feeling than walking through the doors of your new home and feeling as though that this were the place that you were always meant to be. Home is the place that you can go to when you are done with your days work to relax and chill out, it’s the place where you can spend quality time with family and friends and just unwind and be yourself. Let your LA home be the comfort zone that you long for that offers the luxury that you deserve.

Enjoy All LA Has to Offer

LA is the fastest growing city that offers so much to everyone from all walks of life. The city offers fun, great food, entertainment, endless shopping, great schools, awesome views and so much more. With all of it’s great assets there’s no wonder that LA is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. You’ll find that there is no time to become bored while living in LA with so many things to do. Choices of how to spend your leisurely time is limitless, be it golfing, shopping, taking in a show or dining on exquisite meals prepared by the best chefs in the country your lifestyle is going to have met its needs in LA.

 Choose The Best LA Realtor Available

Choosing the best LA realtor is going to be paramount to your home purchasing needs. Knowing that you have acquired the realtor that has the best and the newest listings will prove to be beneficial in your home shopping needs. Finding a realtor such as VLA Realty will provide you with the knowledge that you need in order to make the right home purchase. Knowledge is one of the most important factors when purchasing a home and you will want to make sure that you have a realtor that can answer every question about every home that you are considering. You also want to have a realtor that can answer all of your questions regarding the LA area such as the best schools in the area for your children, the best places to shop, the best places to eat, the best sites to see and even the easiest way to get from one place to another. A realtor should have the information that you need regarding the neighborhood or the area that you are considering purchasing in.

 Staying in Your Budget

Perhaps you have set a budget for yourself for purchasing a home, the best realtor will be able to respect that budget and help you stay within the bounds that you have set for yourself. The realtor will treat you with the same dignity and respect that they would treat someone that has no budget on purchasing a home and the sky being the limit. Meeting your needs and expectations should be the realtors goals and with VLA Realty each client can rest assured that they are going to be treated with the utmost respect in order to find them the home that meets their expectations. As many home buyers may have no budget while purchasing a home, they will have other needs such as square footage, particular amenities and geographical demands, those needs as well will be respected by the professional realtor at VLA.

 Make Home Buying A Pleasant Experience

A pleasant experience is what each home buyer wants to experience, they don’t want to have to contend with looking at a group of homes that don’t meet their requirements, it’s just a waste of time for both parties and can become frustrating and lead the home buyer in another direction and seeking a new realtor. You’ll never have an unpleasant experience when you select VLA Realty for your home buying needs. A pleasant home buying experience means a happy client in a home that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Los Angeles – The City of Luxury Homes

Are you looking for a luxury home that has everything you need to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed? VLA Realty offers professional real estate service to homebuyers of luxury homes. Elena Vlasyuk of VLA Realty has an extensive experience and knowledge of Los Angeles real estate market. Her vast experience provided a lot of buyers plenty of choices. With VLA Realty, you can find a beautiful home in L.A with amenities not usually found in common homes.

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Importance of Home Inspection in Buying Homes


Home inspection is an important phase of home buying and selling process. Home inspection gives you opportunity to discover what is wrong with the house you are buying. So, hiring a good home inspector is necessary to determine if the house you are buying the perfect one for you and your family.

Buying a house is easy as your real estate agent can help you find a house that matches your needs and finances. They can find the home that suits your budget at the location you prefer and even help you close the deal. But there is one thing that needs to be done before the deal can be closed with the seller, there has to be a home inspection.

Is Home Inspection Important?

Yes, home inspection is important and necessary to discover any problem in old and new houses. Even brand new homes are inspected by professionals to discover flaws. After all, homes are just built out of materials used for building houses by skilled laborers. They can cut corners which could weaken the house. A home inspector could discover the secret of homes like a malfunctioning septic system.

What Home Inspector Do?

Home inspectors check for the house flaws. They inspect the house to determine if the house features function properly.


Home inspector checks the house for termites and other insects commonly found in a home. They look for signs of damaged by termites or wood boring insects that later could lead to a serious problem. Houses with some part made of woods and in direct contact with soil or ground can get infected with insects or termites. The cost of general home inspection typically runs from $100 to $200.

Water Contamination

Is the house you are buying had a well? Many homes have well that is used for drinking water. If the home you are interested in had a well, it also needs to be tested for portability. It needs to be tested for suitability to ensure safety. The test usually run to $200 or more, depending on the company you will hire for the job. The test will examine for presence of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium or lead. These heavy metals are bad for the health and could leave you with long lasting health damages.

Testing for the presence of heavy metals and water hardness are not the only main concern. You also need to know where a heavy metal is coming from and home inspection can determine the cause of the problem.

Septic Tanks and Systems

Buying a home with septic tank problem can give you problems that will burn a hole in your wallet. If you do not want the added expense make sure, the house, you are buying have a good septic tank and system. Septic tank is a place where the solid settle and water is discharged.

Home inspection could determine if the system is still functioning properly. Buyers could also find out if the tank needs to be pumped out to be fully inspected. Testing of the tank and system will run to $700 or more.

Underground Oil Tanks

There are houses with buried oil tanks. These existing tanks may no longer be working. But if they are still located and buried on the property, you can benefit from a soil and tank testing. The tank and soil need testing for petroleum hydrocarbons. The presence of petroleum can be dangerous for you and your family.

How Home Inspection Can Help You

Home inspection maybe costly but it can reveal flaws that you cannot see by just looking at the house. You can benefit from a home inspection more than you think. There are advantages to knowing the perfect home you are eyeing may not be so perfect after all.

When you know that the perfect home are not so perfect, you can negotiate with the seller. That’s right, you can use the information you got from the home inspection to your advantage. For example, you can negotiate for credit to the seller without fear. You can negotiate for a credit, like splitting the closing costs usually paid by buyers.

Home inspection will also prevent additional expense. You can negotiate with the seller to pay for repairs before the deal is close. By the way, it is common for buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree on home repairs when the problem is deemed necessary. There is also nothing wrong for asking the seller to repair serious problems whether they are aware of it or not. Take note, it is reasonable and fair to ask the seller to shoulder the cost of repairs. This is because the offer was made before the problem was revealed.

If you are buying a home for a special reason, you may buy a home as is. The cost will be higher as you are purchasing a house with your bid price and cost of home repairs. But of course, only pay for the repair when the home is already yours and not before the deal is close.

Additionally, when you know the house have a problem, you can walk away from the home deal without regret or problem. There are times when it is hard to walk away from a deal because you think you got the perfect home. You are more emotional rather logical, which is bad as you can make your home purchase even more expensive. But when you know the truth, you can leave without a heavy heart. Walking away is a final option and the most practical when the seller does not want to compromise.

Why walking away is an option? Well, you are already buying an expensive home so why bother paying for costly repairs when you don’t have to. There are many homes that have flaws, unless you dig deep into the house history you will never find out the problem until it’s too late.

Home inspection is your insurance policy against future home repairs that can run to thousands of dollars.


Creating the Simple Sale of Your High End Home

Perhaps you’ve had a poor experience in the past trying to sale your high end home, choosing VLA Realty will allow you to turn that poor experience into an experience that you can be proud of. All of the headaches that you experienced in the past with your last realtor can actually stay a thing of the past. Let us make your sale simple, quick and painless.

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The Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in Hollywood

Discovering the residential hotspots of Los Angeles requires something more than an intimacy with its classy ZIP codes. Real estate agents engaged in the housing market know very well that the biggest deals are struck in the hyper-specific locations of the city. From a chic pocket of Pacific Palisades to a gated and secluded area in Los Feliz, the biggest names in this business are clustering within tiny areas. Top real estate agents in the city take up an extremely close-up look at the hottest neighborhoods in Hollywood.

  • Bird Streets West Hollywood

Bird Streets is an outstanding enclave of some fantastic homes and is based north of Sunset Boulveard between Rising Glen and Hillcrest Road. Thrasher, Blue Jay, Oriole and Tanager fly high in the hills of Hollywood with high demand and minimum inventory consistently enhancing the prices of houses in the range of more than $20 million. Residents like Leonardo DiCaprio, Winklevoss twins, Dr. Dre and Keanu Reeves are fond of this prime location. Even though megadeals have been struck in Oriole- where a newly constructed 18,000 square foot property holds the title of being the highest priced home for sale in LA with a price tag of $39 million- Mauricio Umansky,co-owner of The Agency states that other avian streets like Robin drives and Nightingale will soon be taking flight.

Houses on Nightingale are brand-new at the moment and will shortly be the “wow” homes of the region, says Umansky. On the other hand, Robin has some great views but there haven’t been many teardowns here due to some reasons, adds Umansky. However, Robin is slated to be the next Bird Street in the next two years and can fetch close to $3000 per square foot, according to Umansky.

Here are some juicy facts about Bird Streets in Hollywood Hills.

  • Huntington Pacific Pallisades

Peter Maurice, estates director with Rodeo Realty, states that the Huntigton area of Pacific Pallisades is a super prime location. It’s bordered by Corona del Mar, Sunset, Alma Real and Chautauqua, with the homes sitting high. Many of these have great views of the ocean. Properties here have gone more expensive, with the cost per square foot increasing with each passing year. The Village-an adjacent area to the Pacific Pallisades- has attracted residents like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Stevie Nicks and Larry David. Santiago Arana from The Agency sold a home for $15.35 million in 2012, with the cost per square foot being $1250.

Pacific Pallisades has now become flat with the cables and wires buried. The shops and restaurants seem to be getting better, and you can walk around freely. Putting all of these together, the place has turned out to be highly desirable. The appeal of Pacific Pallisades lies in Potrero Canyon, that runs below it and is planned for an immediate conversion into a park. There will be bike and walk paths connecting the houses of Huntington to Pacific Coast Highway. Mary Lu Tuthill, real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, states that Potrero Canyon has taken a long time to develop, but with the adjacent Pallisades Park, homebuyers are ensured of an ocean view.

  • Laughlin Park Los Feliz

Laughlin Park remains on the top request list for people wanting to buy home in Hollywood Hills, according to Jonah Wilson, an agent with Hilton & Hyland. The place has attracted residents like Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck and will. i. am. A combination of huge lots with the best amenities and architectural diversity makes Laughlin Park a truly desirable place. It was rated by Los Angeles Magazine for being one of the top five neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The place was once home to Hollywood’s rich and famous like W C Fields, Cecil B. DeMille and Charlie Chaplin. The villa of DeMille was constructed by Homer Laughlin, who had originally planned of building a neighborhood consisting of forty villas.

It’s difficult to find areas with this type of privacy, says Wilson. When you’ve to obtain a code to move in through the gate, it indicates the TMZ van will not be able to get in, adds Wilson. In addition, the closeness to the studios, excellent views and some brilliant architecture has made this place a big draw. The best thing for celebrities is that they can move around freely and walk their dogs without being photographed.

Laughlin Park was developed in 1913 and has 77 houses. Kristen Stewart paid a staggering $2.2 million in 2012 to purchase a Southwestern contemporary in the region. Richard Stanley at Coldwell Banker states that you get everything here-from homes built in 1920s to midcentury to the contemporary. He sold the Cummings Estate recently which was put for the first time in fifty years on the market. The best part, according to Wilson, is that the area has managed to keep a low-profile and is similar to discovering a treasure.

  • Rose Corridor Venice & Santa Monica

Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Maggie Grace, Rosario Dawson and even CAA agents Mick Sullivan and Roeg Sutherland call Rose Corridor a real home. The values of real estate here went up by 30% in 2012 compared to the previous year. However, along the Rose Corridor-where houses can be seen in the northern and southern region of Rose Avenue between Lincoln Boulevard and the beach-prices soared by 200% during the same time. Mark Kitching at Partners Trust says that many houses which would have sold for $1 million a year back are now being sold for close to $2 million.

You can find new construction everywhere in Rose Corridor. Much of these are being designed by the best architects in the city and important agents from WME and CAA are moving into the region. With a great combination of some major firms like Snapchat and Google also migrating along with the mushrooming of wine bars, yoga studios and restaurants, the place has become an instant sensation, drawing residents such as Zach Galifianakis.

These neighborhoods in Hollywood are not so well-known among home buyers but can give them a satisfaction for a lifetime. The quietude of these regions combined with breathtaking views around can make them the best choice for people wanting to live close to Hollywood.