VLA Realty Has Your Extravagant Amenities

When extravagance is a part of your lifestyle and you want to maintain the comfort of that lifestyle when purchasing a new home VLA Realty should be your first choice for the LA area. Our listings are top of the line and include all of the extravagant amenities that you deserve. We are going to be able to fulfill all of your needs on your wish list.

So Many Grandeur Homes to Select From

One of our main benefits to our clients is the large selection of grandeur homes that we have to offer in the LA area. Beautiful places such as Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and more can be the perfect location for your new home. We make it a priority to make sure that we have only the highest standards of homes to offer our clients that are seeking luxury homes to fit the lifestyle in which that they have become accustomed. Only the very best will do for those that expect the very best when it comes to purchasing a new home that offers splendor and style.

Important Amenities

There are many amenities that the upper class clients expect in the new home that they will be purchasing in order to meet or exceed their expectations so we make sure that our listings include items such as pools, spas, space, lush landscaping and much more. We strive to offer homes that offer the most important amenities in quality as well as quantity. Purchasing a new luxury home or estate is a very important milestone to each client and making sure that the home offers everything that the client wants and need in order to provide the most comfort is very important to us.

Work Out and Home and Skip the Gym

Perhaps a gym in your new extravagant home is one of the amenities that you are seeking, you will find that we have many listings that offer in home gyms that will allow you to avoid having to work out in a public gym. You’ll be able to take advantage of working out whenever you choose whether it’s in the wee hours of the morning or late into the night. A home gym that is filled with the very best equipment to provide the workout that you desire will compliment your lifestyle and keep you looking fit and feeling healthy. The convenience is the ultimate benefit, no traveling to the gym, no gym fees, not public distractions and no schedule to abide by.

A Wine Room is a Must in the Wine Capitol

Every wine contester in the LA area must have a wine room in their estate or grandeur home. A wine room will allow you to store your favorite wines that you love to enjoy at the perfect temperature so they are always ready to enjoy. A wine room is a great way to impress your guests and to provide an awesome hospitable benefit. Wine rooms are designed in many different sizes allowing you to store all of your favorite choices. You’ll always be able to serve your guests you’re very best when you have your finest selection available to them ready and waiting.

Marble Screams Luxury

Many of the listings of our luxury homes include marble flooring that can provide the beauty and detail that you want your extravagant home to reveal. Beautiful marble floors are easily maintained and let guests know that you will only allow the very best in your home. Second best will never do for your home.

Windows That is Picturesque

Perhaps you expect the windows of your new home to offer the picturesque view of the beautiful surroundings that your estate offers. Floor to ceiling windows can bring the awesome view of the outdoors that surrounds your home indoors so that you are able to enjoy it all the time. Providing a permanent view of the mountains or the oceans can enhance the comfort of your home providing more appeal. Breath taking views are meant to be enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors and can be with great windows in your new home. Massive windows can also offer the lighting that adds the look to your home as well as making it look even larger and more spacious. A room that contains wall-to-wall floor to ceiling windows can be enjoyed when entertaining and can also allow you to enjoy the weather no matter what it is like.

Balconies and Terraces of Luxury

As California offers some of the most enjoyable weather in the US, you may consider balconies and terraces an amenity to your new home. Imagine large and spacious outdoor areas that allow you to entertain guests and enjoy the view that surrounds your new home. They can also provide a great place to spend quality time or quiet time with family or when you just want to relax and read a book. A roof deck may be one of the amenities that you prefer in you new estate, which is like having an entire outdoor area that allows you to entertain, enjoy lush gardens, enjoy the most perfect weather and enjoy the view that is available.

Spacious Bathrooms that Pamper

Spacious bathrooms are an amenity that many people demand. Having a spacious bathroom with the latest fixtures will allow you to pamper yourself and enjoy your privacy. Marble tubs, spa showers, and much more can be found in the listings provided by VLA Realty. Imagine a super sized bathroom with floor to ceiling windows that allow you to relax in a hot tub and take in the site that the outdoors provides as you bath. You will find all of the wonderful things that a luxury bathroom provides to be more than enjoyable in your new home.

Amenities and Luxury are a Package Deal

Awesome amenities are what make an extravagant home. Being able to enjoy the finest things that our luxury homes offer is paramount to our clients when shopping for a new home that offers the finest standard of living. VLA Realty is always ready to place our clients in the home that suits their personality.