The Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in Hollywood

Discovering the residential hotspots of Los Angeles requires something more than an intimacy with its classy ZIP codes. Real estate agents engaged in the housing market know very well that the biggest deals are struck in the hyper-specific locations of the city. From a chic pocket of Pacific Palisades to a gated and secluded area in Los Feliz, the biggest names in this business are clustering within tiny areas. Top real estate agents in the city take up an extremely close-up look at the hottest neighborhoods in Hollywood.

  • Bird Streets West Hollywood

Bird Streets is an outstanding enclave of some fantastic homes and is based north of Sunset Boulveard between Rising Glen and Hillcrest Road. Thrasher, Blue Jay, Oriole and Tanager fly high in the hills of Hollywood with high demand and minimum inventory consistently enhancing the prices of houses in the range of more than $20 million. Residents like Leonardo DiCaprio, Winklevoss twins, Dr. Dre and Keanu Reeves are fond of this prime location. Even though megadeals have been struck in Oriole- where a newly constructed 18,000 square foot property holds the title of being the highest priced home for sale in LA with a price tag of $39 million- Mauricio Umansky,co-owner of The Agency states that other avian streets like Robin drives and Nightingale will soon be taking flight.

Houses on Nightingale are brand-new at the moment and will shortly be the “wow” homes of the region, says Umansky. On the other hand, Robin has some great views but there haven’t been many teardowns here due to some reasons, adds Umansky. However, Robin is slated to be the next Bird Street in the next two years and can fetch close to $3000 per square foot, according to Umansky.

Here are some juicy facts about Bird Streets in Hollywood Hills.

  • Huntington Pacific Pallisades

Peter Maurice, estates director with Rodeo Realty, states that the Huntigton area of Pacific Pallisades is a super prime location. It’s bordered by Corona del Mar, Sunset, Alma Real and Chautauqua, with the homes sitting high. Many of these have great views of the ocean. Properties here have gone more expensive, with the cost per square foot increasing with each passing year. The Village-an adjacent area to the Pacific Pallisades- has attracted residents like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Stevie Nicks and Larry David. Santiago Arana from The Agency sold a home for $15.35 million in 2012, with the cost per square foot being $1250.

Pacific Pallisades has now become flat with the cables and wires buried. The shops and restaurants seem to be getting better, and you can walk around freely. Putting all of these together, the place has turned out to be highly desirable. The appeal of Pacific Pallisades lies in Potrero Canyon, that runs below it and is planned for an immediate conversion into a park. There will be bike and walk paths connecting the houses of Huntington to Pacific Coast Highway. Mary Lu Tuthill, real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, states that Potrero Canyon has taken a long time to develop, but with the adjacent Pallisades Park, homebuyers are ensured of an ocean view.

  • Laughlin Park Los Feliz

Laughlin Park remains on the top request list for people wanting to buy home in Hollywood Hills, according to Jonah Wilson, an agent with Hilton & Hyland. The place has attracted residents like Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck and will. i. am. A combination of huge lots with the best amenities and architectural diversity makes Laughlin Park a truly desirable place. It was rated by Los Angeles Magazine for being one of the top five neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The place was once home to Hollywood’s rich and famous like W C Fields, Cecil B. DeMille and Charlie Chaplin. The villa of DeMille was constructed by Homer Laughlin, who had originally planned of building a neighborhood consisting of forty villas.

It’s difficult to find areas with this type of privacy, says Wilson. When you’ve to obtain a code to move in through the gate, it indicates the TMZ van will not be able to get in, adds Wilson. In addition, the closeness to the studios, excellent views and some brilliant architecture has made this place a big draw. The best thing for celebrities is that they can move around freely and walk their dogs without being photographed.

Laughlin Park was developed in 1913 and has 77 houses. Kristen Stewart paid a staggering $2.2 million in 2012 to purchase a Southwestern contemporary in the region. Richard Stanley at Coldwell Banker states that you get everything here-from homes built in 1920s to midcentury to the contemporary. He sold the Cummings Estate recently which was put for the first time in fifty years on the market. The best part, according to Wilson, is that the area has managed to keep a low-profile and is similar to discovering a treasure.

  • Rose Corridor Venice & Santa Monica

Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Maggie Grace, Rosario Dawson and even CAA agents Mick Sullivan and Roeg Sutherland call Rose Corridor a real home. The values of real estate here went up by 30% in 2012 compared to the previous year. However, along the Rose Corridor-where houses can be seen in the northern and southern region of Rose Avenue between Lincoln Boulevard and the beach-prices soared by 200% during the same time. Mark Kitching at Partners Trust says that many houses which would have sold for $1 million a year back are now being sold for close to $2 million.

You can find new construction everywhere in Rose Corridor. Much of these are being designed by the best architects in the city and important agents from WME and CAA are moving into the region. With a great combination of some major firms like Snapchat and Google also migrating along with the mushrooming of wine bars, yoga studios and restaurants, the place has become an instant sensation, drawing residents such as Zach Galifianakis.

These neighborhoods in Hollywood are not so well-known among home buyers but can give them a satisfaction for a lifetime. The quietude of these regions combined with breathtaking views around can make them the best choice for people wanting to live close to Hollywood.