Luxury Homes Let You Live The Lifestyle You Dream

Luxury homes offer many things to home owners like the lifestyle they wanted. Luxury real estate has a bigger space, big swimming pools, and beautiful gardens. Most luxury homes also have state of the art kitchen and other features that make living comfortable. These types of homes have features that cannot be found in common homes. Features that high – end buyers wanted to have in their future home. So they can live the lifestyle they always dreamed of since they were kids.

What are these features that all home buyers of luxurious property wanted? Some home buyers prefer house with wine cellars, gym, outdoor kitchen or gaming area. These features are not usually found in ordinary homes because of the limited space. That’s why people who wanted one or all these features prefer buying luxury homes to common home.

Some of the high-end buyers wanted wine cellar for they believe rich and famous should have one. Wine cellars are a popular feature in many luxury homes of homeowners who consider wine important. For them, wine plays a crucial role in their lives for they drink on ordinary days and every time there is an event or occasion to celebrate. Take note, wine lovers often drink wine and having a cellar makes sense to them. For wine enthusiast, it is practical to buy a house that has a wine cellar so they can stocks up on their favorite wines or liquors.

A home buyer who is a fitness enthusiast would want a gym in the house. They look for homes for sale with gym or enough space that can be converted into a gym, so there is no reason to go to the nearest gym in town. A gym in the house gives them 24-hour access to exercise machines. They can work out to relieve stress any time of the day and without thinking about closing time.

Another feature that many buyers look for in a home is a barbeque or outdoor kitchen area. They want a house with an outdoor area, especially in Los Angeles. The outdoor area is great for hosting parties like the traditional Fourth of July barbeque. Take note, most of the outdoor kitchen of luxury homes are not ordinary looking. I’m not talking about regular kitchen appliances or grill, but high-end stuff.

Aside from an outdoor area, some luxury homes also feature a gaming area. This is a place in the house wherein the pool table, bar, large TV screens, and table for card playing are found. The gaming area is a place for fun, entertainment and entertaining friends and family. Most homeowners use the gaming area for business and personal pleasure.

There are also luxury homes that have an elevator. That’s right; elevator that usually found in shopping malls can also be found at high-end property. Elevator in luxury homes connects one area of the house to another. Homeowners installed elevator to make traveling from one floor to another hassle free.

How Much Does it Cost to Own A Luxury Home?

Real estate agent would tell you straight that luxury homes are expensive. So, they target group belonging to the high society or people who only wanted the best things in life at any cost. There are many home owners of luxury homes that have an average household income of $40,000 to $80,000. By the way, not all who buy luxury homes are rich and famous. There are also people who just sacrificed a lot to achieve the lifestyle they wanted like living in an expensive home.

How much does a luxury homes cost these days? The prices of luxury real estate vary. The price of a home in an exclusive area can go as high as $25, 000,000, but there are luxurious homes for under or just above $1,000,000. In Beverly Hills you can find lots of luxury homes with stunning views, gated oasis, and private road. Houses in these areas start at $5,000,000 and above.

Keep in mind that luxury homes often located in an area with wonderful views. They are located in areas away from commercialization, surrounding homes, and more. In case you didn’t know, location is one of the factors that affect the prices of luxury homes. There are other factors affecting the pricing of luxury homes like amenities and personalization. It is not just the house features that dictate the prices of homes.

Despite the prices of luxury homes, many people still buy expensive real estate every day as an investment. But before they buy, they consider the pros and cons including the real estate agent to use to achieve their goal.

One more thing, luxury homes also come in different forms such as condos, vacation real estate, and golf property. There are also luxurious properties in the form of farm property, beach houses, and a waterfront homes.

When you are searching to buy a luxury home prepare yourself to be surprised if you are searching in Los Angeles. There are many real estate properties that offer the luxurious lifestyle you are dreaming for a long time. Buying a home in L.A the second largest city in the United States is a good idea, the city sums up the American dream.

People flock to the city of Angels primarily to live the lifestyle of their dream. They come from across the country and the globe to discover the many treasures that the city has to offer. Luxury homes in Los Angeles are much like the residents of the city. They are a mixture of style and interesting personality.

There are many luxury homes to choose from in L.A and nearby area. And VLA Realty is a real estate agent of luxury home will help you to find a place you can call your home. Plus! If you wish to be noticed, buying a gated estate in Beverly Hills or a mansion in Hollywood hills will do the job. L.A County also offers suburban grandeur to home buyers looking for a special place to live.

VLA Realty is a professional estate agent that offers luxury homes. We offer not just expensive homes at, but quality home that will let you live the lifestyle you always dream.