The Luxury Home You Deserve

Purchasing a new luxury home can be an exciting event in your life and you want to make certain that you get the luxury home that you deserve. Choosing VLA Realty will allow you to get the most out of the luxury home that you imagine in the LA area. Attention to your needs and to detail are the focal points for each of our clients that we service.

Choose Your Location

The first step you may choose to pay attention too is the location in which you will purchase your new home in the LA area. You may have already decided on Malibu or on Santa Monica in order to give you the coastal views and benefits that you long for. You’ll find that VLA Realty offers a large variety of extravagant homes with access to the Pacific as well as a panoramic view. Perhaps Brentwood is more appealing to your style, we can also help you find the perfect home in Brentwood as well. If Bel-Air is the place that you are considering let us show you the listings that we have available that offer the luxury and grandeur that your lifestyle requires. You may be the Beverly Hills type of person that loves all the this community has to offer and we are happy to grant you a tour of the homes that we have on the market in this area as well.

We Help Make Informative Selections

It’s our pleasure to offer all of the knowledge that we have to each client in order to help them make the most informative decision possible when purchasing the home of their dreams no matter which location they select from. We think it’s important to have all of the information possible to provide the best purchase for each client. We enjoy knowing the ins and outs of the neighborhoods that luxury homes are available in. We also love the fact that we can point out the best schools for our luxury families in order to provide the best education possible. If you need to know the best shopping boutiques we can help with that as well. When looking for the best places to dine, it our pleasure to point you in the most delicious directions. Knowing the LA area and the homes that are available gives us the lead above other realtors in the area that are just trying to sell houses as opposed to selling homes.

Build Your Wish List

When considering to purchase a new home, consider making a list of the must have items that you’d like for your home to include. You can feel free to put all of the things that appeal to you on your list and we are going to work hard at VLA Realty to meet the list that you compile. From the square footage to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, we are confident that we can oblige you. We can also make your wishes come true when it comes to area of entertainment for guests that you choose to have while entertaining at your parties or events. We are going to leave no stone unturned while helping you make the perfect luxury home choice. Perhaps you’ve got a very large swimming pool on your list or even a spa room, we can help you to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. You’ll find us helpful as well as obliging in order to get you the perfect home.

Name Your Price Range

If you have a price range that you’d like to be in when purchasing your new high end home, simply let us know what the range is and we will show you every home that meets your needs. You’ll be able to choose from the large variety to ensure that your needs are met and that your budget is respected. You’ll be surprised at how easily we can make it at VLA Realty to get the most home possible for the price range that you are committed to. Perhaps you have no budget and you are opened to looking at any home and any price, we can serve you in that way as well. It’s so easy to help our clients find the best home for their new purchase and it brings us great joy helping each unique client find the home of their dreams that they’ll enjoy for many years to come.

You’re Our Only Client

After you have enjoyed the unique way that we offer each client the attention that is deserved, you will feel as though you are the only client that we have. You’ll enjoy how we are able to focus on you and your home needs in order to provide the best home listings and selections. Should you have questions, you’ll find that we have answers and not answers that we’ll have to get back to you with, instant answers that will allow you to have on hand knowledge and to know the information that we know. When you call, we respond creating the perception that yes, you are the only client that we have and we are working only to please you and no one else.

Financing, Closing, Appraising and Insurance Have Never Been Easier

We take care of all of the fine details to help you have a quick closing on the home of your dreams. We have all of the information on financing as well as appraising and insurance that you will need in order to secure the home of your dreams in a quick fashion. We want your home purchasing process to be quick and convenient and our years of experience have taught us how to make that happen without dragging it out and causing stress and anxiety that can take the thrill out of purchasing a new home.

Let VLA Realty be the key to making your luxury home purchase an experience that you’ll rave about. It’s our goal to get you into your new home quickly in order to begin enjoying it as soon as possible.