Los Angeles – The City of Luxury Homes

Are you looking for a luxury home that has everything you need to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed? VLA Realty offers professional real estate service to homebuyers of luxury homes. Elena Vlasyuk of VLA Realty has an extensive experience and knowledge of Los Angeles real estate market. Her vast experience provided a lot of buyers plenty of choices. With VLA Realty, you can find a beautiful home in L.A with amenities not usually found in common homes.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country and considered as one of the best cities for luxury property. Across the world, people stay at L.A to literally make their dream come true. The city of angels offers everything to make one’s goals achievable, including buying a luxury real estate. Los Angeles is more than about Hollywood for it is also about culture, creativity and experience. These reasons are why people inspired to buy luxury homes in L.A.

Foreigners and visitors flock to Los Angeles because of the image of the city shown in television and big screen. They see an opportunity and beauty in the city that not even a good scriptwriter can mask or exaggerate for LA has a life of its own. That’s why investing in real estate takes more than just finding a gated estate in Beverly Hills or a beach house in Malibu and buying it. For it is also about investing in a certain lifestyle that you can only found in L.A and nowhere else.

Luxury is defined as extravagant and comfortable living. And many luxury homes in L.A offer the lifestyle that all people wanted. These luxury homes in Los Angeles that are desired by a lot of people and attained only by a few can also be yours. Elena Vlasyuk of VLA Realty sums of the reasons why Los Angeles is a good place for you to buy a luxury home.

1. Rarity

A lot of luxury property in L.A is rare, something that many people would want to own but cannot have. The rarity steamed from the homeowner personalization and taste for the finest things in life. There are many properties that are rare, luxurious and desirable in Beverly Hills and the other part of Los Angeles city. By the way, it is not just the house that makes the property rare but also the view.

2. Weather

Los Angeles is also well loved because of its weather. This city has one of the best weather throughout the year. There are no extreme temperature changes, unlike in other cities like Miami. For example, in London, it rains all the time while in New York if the humid summer does not upset you, the freezing winter will.

These cities I mentioned all offer luxury property, but not the lifestyle that Los Angeles is famous and known. Plus! In L.A, you can enjoy your property all year round. There is also no need to worry if you have bought a beachfront property in Malibu unlike in Miami when hurricane comes 3 to 5 months every year.

3. Attraction, Entertainment and Shopping Galore

Los Angeles offer unique dining experience, shopping galore, nightlife, and fun attractions. There are many things to do in Los Angeles every day. If you love to shop, head to Rodeo Drive or Melrose to indulge your hobby. Dining you say? There are many restaurants with world class chefs that prepare meals delight the taste bud. There is no reason to fly to Italy or France to taste a culinary masterpiece just drive around L.A.

Aside from the culinary delights that you will discover in L.A, it is also common to sit in a table next to a celebrity. The nightlife and celebrity that runs around town make the city even more exciting. Visitors and foreigners love Los Angeles since everything you need just a short drive away.

Buying a second home in L.A is the best decision. So, you can live the life of your favorite actor or actress. If you are lucky, you can even party with the Kardashian.

4. Pleasant Aesthetic

There are lots of real estate properties for sale in Los Angeles. These properties have pleasant aesthetics and modern architectural design. In fact, homes in L.A are a mix of minimalist, contemporary, vintage, beach style, and bohemian. You name it, and L.A got it! For example, the Borman estate in Malibu is an architectural dream come true.

There are lots of homes in L.A that embodies your character and style. You can find creative designers that will turn your home into the classiest home or vacation house in town. The price of luxury homes in Los Angeles is already an indicator that what you are buying is more than just a house but a work of art. And because the property is a masterpiece, you are making a smart investment.

5. Lifestyle

Los Angeles is full of luxury homes, celebrity and famous individual. But the cost of living is still cheaper in L.A compared to other cities such as Paris, London or New York. When it comes to lifestyle, the City of Angels is unparalleled. It offers art, experience, and culture that are seen in every Angelinos.

If you are interested in art, you can find work of art in LACMA. To experience the different side of L.A you can hike in Hollywood Hills or enjoy Mother Nature in Griffith Observatory. Angelinos live the lifestyle they wanted. This is the reason filmmakers always fail to capture on the big screen the essence of living in the city.

In Los Angeles, luxury homes are pricey because you are not just buying a home, condo or beach house but a lifestyle. And VLA Realty will help you to find a home that will let you live the lifestyle you always wanted. VLA Realty offers professional real estate service so you can find a luxury property to buy. Doing business with an expert is important so you can buy a house that fits your need and budget. At VLArealty.com you can visit sought after property anytime.