Locations for Luxury Lifestyles

Selecting a supreme location for your luxury lifestyle in the Los Angeles area is never a challenge when you have a knowledgeable realtor such as VLA Realty. VLA Realty offers the latest listings that create a wealth of choices for those in the market for a high end home that allows them to live in the comfort from which they have become accustomed. When only the finest things will fit into your lifestyle and meet your requirements only the top realtor will be able to satisfy your needs.

Bel Air

Consider a grandeur home or estate in the Bel Air area which offers the most pristine living to meet your needs. Gate entries set the boundaries for this extravagant lifestyle and the homes that are found inside the gates are each as magnificent as the other. Spacious homes that offer the latest details in beauty are available for the choosing. Homes that rate at the top of the list for offering luxury, comfort, style and extravagance is what Bel Air offers. Families will also find awesome schools from which they can choose for their children of both public and private settings. Many notable people have chosen Bel Air to be the area in which they have purchased homes that allow them to live their lives in the upscale manner that they crave. Peace and quiet can also be found in the Bel Air area along with privacy and security. The homes in this area are of massive size as well as the grounds in which they sit upon. The grounds are more than large enough to offer pools, tennis courts and even guest homes behind the main houses.

Beverly Hills

Another great area for selecting a home that offers an extravagant lifestyle is Beverly Hills. The homes in Beverly Hills may easily meet your lifestyle needs and provide the splendor in which you choose to live. Spacious homes with the latest luxury items both inside and out will certainly provide a variety of excellent choices from which you can shop. Great upscale shopping such as Rodeo Drive offers spas, salons, fashion and accessories that can meet your high end expectations. Beverly Hills has been home to the stars for many years and still offers the same style of living that meets any stars requirements. There are also private and public schools for children of all ages to provide the education that children deserve. Massive pool areas as well as patio areas are available in the homes on the market in the Beverly Hills area. Large homes with large garages attached as well as detached will provide that grandeur living style that allows you to express your extravagant image.


On the westside of Los Angeles you will find the Brentwood area which is a great resource for luxurious homes. The homes that are available in this area can easily provide the comfort that you and your family are seeking. Homes that are large in square footage and that provide the latest and luxurious amentities will ensure your grandeur lifestyle without sacrifice of the high end things that you find so important. To enhance your lifestyle in Brentwood, you will find that it also offers trails and preserves that can be enjoyed by everyone. Plenty of festivals occur in Brentwood as well such as art, jazz and wine. Vineyards are in abundance offering great selections of wine for every wine lover to enjoy that are both imported and domestic. Physical activities are also plentiful making it easy for everyone to enjoy their favorite sporting exercise. If you love fresh produce you’ll love the fact that Brentwood offers a farmers market that will provide the freshly grown veggies that you long for. Several choices in public schooling will allow  your children a wonderful education in the Brentwood area.


Sandy beaches may be the luxurious lifestyle that you want and Malibu will be the perfect setting for your new home purchase. Malibu offers unique home settings with winding roads up into the canyons that will provide the private setting you desire while still keeping you close to the shopping, nightlife and other great things that are offered in Malibu. Education can be found in several public schools and Malibu is the home of Pepperdine University as well. There is nothing that Malibu lacks for helping you to acquire the lifestyle of extravagance and luxury that you seek. Imagine being able to enjoy long walks or entergetic jogs along the beach or lazy days of tanning while reading your favorite novel. Perhaps you’d choose to entertain guests at your new high end home, you’ll find Malibu is the perfect place to do so with so many available activities to enjoy right there on your own section of beach. Whether it’s surfing or swimming in the ocean that sparks your interest you’ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Choosing a new Malibu home is going to be exciting with the help of VLA Realty.

Santa Monica

Another coastal community that provides extravagance to home buyers is Santa Monica. Each resident will be able to find all of the exciting things that they are looking for such as delicious dining, great neighbors, exemplary education and so much more. Parks are plentiful making it easy to have enjoyable events outdoors as well. Santa Monica is the perfect setting for students, executives and for those that just want the unique environment in which to call home for their grandeur lifestyle. Santa Monica offers a lifestyle that is filled with all of the sweet additions that you want such as quaint coffee shops, bakeries, hair salons, spas and even healthcare that is of the best quality.

Los Angeles Extravagant Real Estate Offers the Lifestyle to Exceed

Choosing a glamorous home in the LA area will provide you with all of the items that you consider to be must haves for your new home location and VLA Realty offers the knowledge and the customer service that you want in order to make your home buying process easy and comfortable.