Importance of Home Inspection in Buying Homes


Home inspection is an important phase of home buying and selling process. Home inspection gives you opportunity to discover what is wrong with the house you are buying. So, hiring a good home inspector is necessary to determine if the house you are buying the perfect one for you and your family.

Buying a house is easy as your real estate agent can help you find a house that matches your needs and finances. They can find the home that suits your budget at the location you prefer and even help you close the deal. But there is one thing that needs to be done before the deal can be closed with the seller, there has to be a home inspection.

Is Home Inspection Important?

Yes, home inspection is important and necessary to discover any problem in old and new houses. Even brand new homes are inspected by professionals to discover flaws. After all, homes are just built out of materials used for building houses by skilled laborers. They can cut corners which could weaken the house. A home inspector could discover the secret of homes like a malfunctioning septic system.

What Home Inspector Do?

Home inspectors check for the house flaws. They inspect the house to determine if the house features function properly.


Home inspector checks the house for termites and other insects commonly found in a home. They look for signs of damaged by termites or wood boring insects that later could lead to a serious problem. Houses with some part made of woods and in direct contact with soil or ground can get infected with insects or termites. The cost of general home inspection typically runs from $100 to $200.

Water Contamination

Is the house you are buying had a well? Many homes have well that is used for drinking water. If the home you are interested in had a well, it also needs to be tested for portability. It needs to be tested for suitability to ensure safety. The test usually run to $200 or more, depending on the company you will hire for the job. The test will examine for presence of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium or lead. These heavy metals are bad for the health and could leave you with long lasting health damages.

Testing for the presence of heavy metals and water hardness are not the only main concern. You also need to know where a heavy metal is coming from and home inspection can determine the cause of the problem.

Septic Tanks and Systems

Buying a home with septic tank problem can give you problems that will burn a hole in your wallet. If you do not want the added expense make sure, the house, you are buying have a good septic tank and system. Septic tank is a place where the solid settle and water is discharged.

Home inspection could determine if the system is still functioning properly. Buyers could also find out if the tank needs to be pumped out to be fully inspected. Testing of the tank and system will run to $700 or more.

Underground Oil Tanks

There are houses with buried oil tanks. These existing tanks may no longer be working. But if they are still located and buried on the property, you can benefit from a soil and tank testing. The tank and soil need testing for petroleum hydrocarbons. The presence of petroleum can be dangerous for you and your family.

How Home Inspection Can Help You

Home inspection maybe costly but it can reveal flaws that you cannot see by just looking at the house. You can benefit from a home inspection more than you think. There are advantages to knowing the perfect home you are eyeing may not be so perfect after all.

When you know that the perfect home are not so perfect, you can negotiate with the seller. That’s right, you can use the information you got from the home inspection to your advantage. For example, you can negotiate for credit to the seller without fear. You can negotiate for a credit, like splitting the closing costs usually paid by buyers.

Home inspection will also prevent additional expense. You can negotiate with the seller to pay for repairs before the deal is close. By the way, it is common for buyers and sellers to negotiate and agree on home repairs when the problem is deemed necessary. There is also nothing wrong for asking the seller to repair serious problems whether they are aware of it or not. Take note, it is reasonable and fair to ask the seller to shoulder the cost of repairs. This is because the offer was made before the problem was revealed.

If you are buying a home for a special reason, you may buy a home as is. The cost will be higher as you are purchasing a house with your bid price and cost of home repairs. But of course, only pay for the repair when the home is already yours and not before the deal is close.

Additionally, when you know the house have a problem, you can walk away from the home deal without regret or problem. There are times when it is hard to walk away from a deal because you think you got the perfect home. You are more emotional rather logical, which is bad as you can make your home purchase even more expensive. But when you know the truth, you can leave without a heavy heart. Walking away is a final option and the most practical when the seller does not want to compromise.

Why walking away is an option? Well, you are already buying an expensive home so why bother paying for costly repairs when you don’t have to. There are many homes that have flaws, unless you dig deep into the house history you will never find out the problem until it’s too late.

Home inspection is your insurance policy against future home repairs that can run to thousands of dollars.