Creating the Simple Sale of Your High End Home

Perhaps you’ve had a poor experience in the past trying to sale your high end home, choosing VLA Realty will allow you to turn that poor experience into an experience that you can be proud of. All of the headaches that you experienced in the past with your last realtor can actually stay a thing of the past. Let us make your sale simple, quick and painless.

Prepare Your Home for the Sale

One of the best ways to make your home marketable is to make sure that it is the best that it can be in order to show off the fine qualities that it offers. VLA Realty can help you make sure that your home appeals to buyers with some easy techniques. Even though your style of decor may differ from those that view your home a clean and fresh home will create the appeal that home buyers are seeking. You can consider fresh paint, a freshly manicured lawn, a crystal blue pool and even a formal dining table that is set with your finest china can offer the detail that a buyers may be looking for when viewing your home. Attention to detail will be one of the most beneficial factors when preparing to show your home.

The Art of Detailing Your Home

Detailing your home in order to create the look that it is valued at can be an art form. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is with paint. Paint is affordable and the task can be done quickly allowing you to make a world of difference in the look of your home that is very appealing to those that view your home. Having your flooring professionally cleaned can also be a benefit as well. Whether it’s carpeting or hard flooring it can be affordably and professionally cleaned in order to look its best. Windows are another item that can also be professionally cleaned and add detail to your home and impress a buyer.

Create Good Lighting

Creating great lighting can be an awesome selling point for your home. The professional window cleaning that you take advantage of will help with this but you could also have some lighting installed that adds detail to the home if your home doesn’t already have it. Open curtains when your home is scheduled to be viewed, this can create an illusion of more space as well as add great lighting.

Declutter to Add Space

Considering packing up some of the items that take up space in your home can be a great way to offer a positive viewing for your home. Decluttering will not only put you ahead of the game but will also create the space that home buyers may be looking for when viewing your home. A neat home is a welcoming home and a home that speaks to buyers by showing off the square footage of the home. Unused items such as furniture, decor and everyday riff raff can be easily removed to create a eye appealing home.

Lawn Care Adds Curb Appeal

Making sure that your lawn is well maintained will create the curb appeal that your home needs when placing it on the market. Freshly cut grass as well as neatly trimmed hedges can add value to the home as well. Flower beds that are well maintained with colorful and healthy flowers will also be an added attraction to the home that is for sale. Choosing to keep your garage doors down is also a good habit during viewing times, it gives a look of smoothness and completion to the exterior of the home. When looking out of your professionally cleaned windows, the clients of VLA Realty are going to see your neatly maintained lawn and enjoy the site that they see. They are going to be impressed by the way that everything is detailed and looks neat and orderly as well.

Keep a Broad Spectrum of Potential Home Buyers

With the value of your home, you may find that by broadening your spectrum of buyers that you are doing yourself a great favor. VLA Realty has a broad spectrum of buyers in their network that can quickly provide the attention that you home needs from the right buyer in order to help it sale quickly. They’ll be able to spread the word about your home so that people are aware of it in more than just the area in which it’s located.

Take Advantage of the VLA Network

You will find that VLA Realty offers a huge network that will make your home easier to sale. They create a very large database that makes selling the high end homes in the LA area faster as well as quicker. They offer every point of great advice and guidance that any home seller can take advantage of. They also provide the great customer service that every client desires to alleviate stress while placing their home on the market.

Get the Most For Your Home

Every seller wants to get the most for their home, they want the full dollar value that the home offers and that’s what they should have. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the investment that you have made in your home in order to sale it and when you choose the best realtor LA has to offer you will be on the winning end of selling your home. VLA Realty is going to go above and beyond your expectations in order to help you not only place your home on the market easily but to also get the most money for your home. Choose a professional that is able to increase the profit that your home offers and has the knowledge and passion to make selling your home a reality. The less stressful the process, the more enjoyable the process and that’s the goal of VLA Realty.