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Luxury Homes Let You Live The Lifestyle You Dream

Luxury homes offer many things to home owners like the lifestyle they wanted. Luxury real estate has a bigger space, big swimming pools, and beautiful gardens. Most luxury homes also have state of the art kitchen and other features that make living comfortable. These types of homes have features that cannot be found in common
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Los Angeles – The City of Luxury Homes

Are you looking for a luxury home that has everything you need to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed? VLA Realty offers professional real estate service to homebuyers of luxury homes. Elena Vlasyuk of VLA Realty has an extensive experience and knowledge of Los Angeles real estate market. Her vast experience provided a lot
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Living the Extravagant Lifestyle LA Offers

If extravagance is your lifestyle then you are going to love living in the LA area and VLA Realty can help you with all of your extravagant home purchasing needs. We offer a massive selection of homes that provide all of the hot amenities that you desire in order to meet your luxurious requirements. Los
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Importance of Home Inspection in Buying Homes

Home inspection is an important phase of home buying and selling process. Home inspection gives you opportunity to discover what is wrong with the house you are buying. So, hiring a good home inspector is necessary to determine if the house you are buying the perfect one for you and your family.

Increase in demand in Malibu real estate

Malibu, with a population of 12,743 residents as of 2014, is an affluent beach community in Los Angeles County, California. The community is famous for its sandy beaches and for being home to many celebrities. It’s nicknamed “billionaire’s beach” with entertainment mogul David Geffen, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and some more business tycoons living here.

Creating the Simple Sale of Your High End Home

Perhaps you’ve had a poor experience in the past trying to sale your high end home, choosing VLA Realty will allow you to turn that poor experience into an experience that you can be proud of. All of the headaches that you experienced in the past with your last realtor can actually stay a thing of the past. Let us make your sale simple, quick and painless.

Meeting Your Extravagant Home Expectations

Perhaps you have some important extravagant needs in the home that you are shopping for, VLA Realty can easily meet all of your home needs in the LA in order to provide the desires that you have from your next high end home. You’ll be pleased with our realtors’ performance from the beginning of the process until it’s completed.

Buying Luxury Homes In LA Can Be Stress Free

Are you planning to buy a home in Los Angeles? There are many homes for sale in LA. If you have decided to find a home and about to start the search better prepare for the work ahead on you. But if you wish to buy a home without the usual hassle that comes with searching for a home, know that there is a stress free way to do it.

VLA Realty Has Your Extravagant Amenities

When extravagance is a part of your lifestyle and you want to maintain the comfort of that lifestyle when purchasing a new home VLA Realty should be your first choice for the LA area. Our listings are top of the line and include all of the extravagant amenities that you deserve. We are going to be able to fulfill all of your needs on your wish list.

Luxury House Plans with Photos : Hoppen Place by Whipple Russell Architects

Luxury House Plans with Photos : Hoppen Place by Whipple Russell Architects Designed by Los Angeles-based studio Whipple Russell Architects, 9010 Hopen House…

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