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The Luxury Home You Deserve

Purchasing a new luxury home can be an exciting event in your life and you want to make certain that you get the luxury home that you deserve. Choosing VLA Realty will allow you to get the most out of the luxury home that you imagine in the LA area. Attention to your needs and to detail are the focal points for each of our clients that we service.

Choose Your Location

The first step you may choose to pay attention too is the location in which you will purchase your new home in the LA area. You may have already decided on Malibu or on Santa Monica in order to give you the coastal views and benefits that you long for. You’ll find that VLA Realty offers a large variety of extravagant homes with access to the Pacific as well as a panoramic view. Perhaps Brentwood is more appealing to your style, we can also help you find the perfect home in Brentwood as well. If Bel-Air is the place that you are considering let us show you the listings that we have available that offer the luxury and grandeur that your lifestyle requires. You may be the Beverly Hills type of person that loves all the this community has to offer and we are happy to grant you a tour of the homes that we have on the market in this area as well.

We Help Make Informative Selections

It’s our pleasure to offer all of the knowledge that we have to each client in order to help them make the most informative decision possible when purchasing the home of their dreams no matter which location they select from. We think it’s important to have all of the information possible to provide the best purchase for each client. We enjoy knowing the ins and outs of the neighborhoods that luxury homes are available in. We also love the fact that we can point out the best schools for our luxury families in order to provide the best education possible. If you need to know the best shopping boutiques we can help with that as well. When looking for the best places to dine, it our pleasure to point you in the most delicious directions. Knowing the LA area and the homes that are available gives us the lead above other realtors in the area that are just trying to sell houses as opposed to selling homes.

Build Your Wish List

When considering to purchase a new home, consider making a list of the must have items that you’d like for your home to include. You can feel free to put all of the things that appeal to you on your list and we are going to work hard at VLA Realty to meet the list that you compile. From the square footage to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, we are confident that we can oblige you. We can also make your wishes come true when it comes to area of entertainment for guests that you choose to have while entertaining at your parties or events. We are going to leave no stone unturned while helping you make the perfect luxury home choice. Perhaps you’ve got a very large swimming pool on your list or even a spa room, we can help you to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. You’ll find us helpful as well as obliging in order to get you the perfect home.

Name Your Price Range

If you have a price range that you’d like to be in when purchasing your new high end home, simply let us know what the range is and we will show you every home that meets your needs. You’ll be able to choose from the large variety to ensure that your needs are met and that your budget is respected. You’ll be surprised at how easily we can make it at VLA Realty to get the most home possible for the price range that you are committed to. Perhaps you have no budget and you are opened to looking at any home and any price, we can serve you in that way as well. It’s so easy to help our clients find the best home for their new purchase and it brings us great joy helping each unique client find the home of their dreams that they’ll enjoy for many years to come.

You’re Our Only Client

After you have enjoyed the unique way that we offer each client the attention that is deserved, you will feel as though you are the only client that we have. You’ll enjoy how we are able to focus on you and your home needs in order to provide the best home listings and selections. Should you have questions, you’ll find that we have answers and not answers that we’ll have to get back to you with, instant answers that will allow you to have on hand knowledge and to know the information that we know. When you call, we respond creating the perception that yes, you are the only client that we have and we are working only to please you and no one else.

Financing, Closing, Appraising and Insurance Have Never Been Easier

We take care of all of the fine details to help you have a quick closing on the home of your dreams. We have all of the information on financing as well as appraising and insurance that you will need in order to secure the home of your dreams in a quick fashion. We want your home purchasing process to be quick and convenient and our years of experience have taught us how to make that happen without dragging it out and causing stress and anxiety that can take the thrill out of purchasing a new home.

Let VLA Realty be the key to making your luxury home purchase an experience that you’ll rave about. It’s our goal to get you into your new home quickly in order to begin enjoying it as soon as possible.

The Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in Hollywood

Discovering the residential hotspots of Los Angeles requires something more than an intimacy with its classy ZIP codes. Real estate agents engaged in the housing market know very well that the biggest deals are struck in the hyper-specific locations of the city. From a chic pocket of Pacific Palisades to a gated and secluded area in Los Feliz, the biggest names in this business are clustering within tiny areas. Top real estate agents in the city take up an extremely close-up look at the hottest neighborhoods in Hollywood.

  • Bird Streets West Hollywood

Bird Streets is an outstanding enclave of some fantastic homes and is based north of Sunset Boulveard between Rising Glen and Hillcrest Road. Thrasher, Blue Jay, Oriole and Tanager fly high in the hills of Hollywood with high demand and minimum inventory consistently enhancing the prices of houses in the range of more than $20 million. Residents like Leonardo DiCaprio, Winklevoss twins, Dr. Dre and Keanu Reeves are fond of this prime location. Even though megadeals have been struck in Oriole- where a newly constructed 18,000 square foot property holds the title of being the highest priced home for sale in LA with a price tag of $39 million- Mauricio Umansky,co-owner of The Agency states that other avian streets like Robin drives and Nightingale will soon be taking flight.

Houses on Nightingale are brand-new at the moment and will shortly be the “wow” homes of the region, says Umansky. On the other hand, Robin has some great views but there haven’t been many teardowns here due to some reasons, adds Umansky. However, Robin is slated to be the next Bird Street in the next two years and can fetch close to $3000 per square foot, according to Umansky.

Here are some juicy facts about Bird Streets in Hollywood Hills.

  • Huntington Pacific Pallisades

Peter Maurice, estates director with Rodeo Realty, states that the Huntigton area of Pacific Pallisades is a super prime location. It’s bordered by Corona del Mar, Sunset, Alma Real and Chautauqua, with the homes sitting high. Many of these have great views of the ocean. Properties here have gone more expensive, with the cost per square foot increasing with each passing year. The Village-an adjacent area to the Pacific Pallisades- has attracted residents like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Stevie Nicks and Larry David. Santiago Arana from The Agency sold a home for $15.35 million in 2012, with the cost per square foot being $1250.

Pacific Pallisades has now become flat with the cables and wires buried. The shops and restaurants seem to be getting better, and you can walk around freely. Putting all of these together, the place has turned out to be highly desirable. The appeal of Pacific Pallisades lies in Potrero Canyon, that runs below it and is planned for an immediate conversion into a park. There will be bike and walk paths connecting the houses of Huntington to Pacific Coast Highway. Mary Lu Tuthill, real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, states that Potrero Canyon has taken a long time to develop, but with the adjacent Pallisades Park, homebuyers are ensured of an ocean view.

  • Laughlin Park Los Feliz

Laughlin Park remains on the top request list for people wanting to buy home in Hollywood Hills, according to Jonah Wilson, an agent with Hilton & Hyland. The place has attracted residents like Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck and will. i. am. A combination of huge lots with the best amenities and architectural diversity makes Laughlin Park a truly desirable place. It was rated by Los Angeles Magazine for being one of the top five neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The place was once home to Hollywood’s rich and famous like W C Fields, Cecil B. DeMille and Charlie Chaplin. The villa of DeMille was constructed by Homer Laughlin, who had originally planned of building a neighborhood consisting of forty villas.

It’s difficult to find areas with this type of privacy, says Wilson. When you’ve to obtain a code to move in through the gate, it indicates the TMZ van will not be able to get in, adds Wilson. In addition, the closeness to the studios, excellent views and some brilliant architecture has made this place a big draw. The best thing for celebrities is that they can move around freely and walk their dogs without being photographed.

Laughlin Park was developed in 1913 and has 77 houses. Kristen Stewart paid a staggering $2.2 million in 2012 to purchase a Southwestern contemporary in the region. Richard Stanley at Coldwell Banker states that you get everything here-from homes built in 1920s to midcentury to the contemporary. He sold the Cummings Estate recently which was put for the first time in fifty years on the market. The best part, according to Wilson, is that the area has managed to keep a low-profile and is similar to discovering a treasure.

  • Rose Corridor Venice & Santa Monica

Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Maggie Grace, Rosario Dawson and even CAA agents Mick Sullivan and Roeg Sutherland call Rose Corridor a real home. The values of real estate here went up by 30% in 2012 compared to the previous year. However, along the Rose Corridor-where houses can be seen in the northern and southern region of Rose Avenue between Lincoln Boulevard and the beach-prices soared by 200% during the same time. Mark Kitching at Partners Trust says that many houses which would have sold for $1 million a year back are now being sold for close to $2 million.

You can find new construction everywhere in Rose Corridor. Much of these are being designed by the best architects in the city and important agents from WME and CAA are moving into the region. With a great combination of some major firms like Snapchat and Google also migrating along with the mushrooming of wine bars, yoga studios and restaurants, the place has become an instant sensation, drawing residents such as Zach Galifianakis.

These neighborhoods in Hollywood are not so well-known among home buyers but can give them a satisfaction for a lifetime. The quietude of these regions combined with breathtaking views around can make them the best choice for people wanting to live close to Hollywood.

Increase in demand in Malibu real estate

Malibu real estate market in favor of sellers

Malibu, with a population of 12,743 residents as of 2014, is an affluent beach community in Los Angeles County, California. The community is famous for its sandy beaches and for being home to many celebrities. It’s nicknamed “billionaire’s beach” with entertainment mogul David Geffen, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and some more business tycoons living here.

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Bloomin’ Good Ways to Cultivate a Luscious Garden

One of the more satisfying ways to enjoy your home and add to its beauty is to enhance your property with a variety of plants, flowers, shrubs and other flora. A well designed garden will give you many hours of pleasure and can be an excellent setting as a backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

Landscaping your yard is also one great way to add value to your property. In a recent survey by a national landscaping trade association known as PLANET found “a rising trend among consumers increasing their investments on outdoor living spaces, including patios, decks, walkways and other specialized services such as lighting and irrigation systems.”
In Los Angeles, most residents hire landscapers for the design and upkeep of their gardens. Fortunately, some of the best landscapers are right here in the city, according to a recent article by CBS News.

Some of the leading trends in home gardens, according to Better Homes and Gardens, include the following features. If you’re planning a new garden you may want to make note of some of these popular trends.

Say It with Flowers

They say we should all take the time to “stop and smell the flowers,” and raising some fragrant flora of your own is a great way to ensure that you always can do just that.
According to Better Homes and Gardens, some of the most fragrant flowers for your garden are, Dianthus, Gardenia, Nicotiana, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Oriental Lily, Garden Phlox, Rose, Sweet Pea, Lily-of-the-Valley, Hyacinth, Iris, Lilac, Flowering Crabapple, Heliotrope, Lavender, Sweet Alyssum, Peony, Moonflower and Southern Magnolia.

Variegated Vegetation

One of the best parts of variegated foliage is that it lasts all season and can be extremely attractive. Some examples are ‘Emerald ‘n’ Gold’ euonymus, ‘Emerald Gaiety’ euonymus and ‘Moonshadow’ euonymus, which combine beautiful flowers with stunning foliage.

Non-Electric Bulbs

Planted bulbs yield a wonderful variety of styles and colors. One of the most attractive parts of raising them is that they require little care. A trowel and a bag of bulbs is just about all it takes to create a gorgeous display.

Exquisite Bouquets

If you think that bouquets have to be all flowers, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that clippings of fresh vegetables can be added to your floral arrangements – try radishes, carrots, flowering kale, squash blooms, chard, eggplant or even wax bean. You’ll enjoy the variety of color they will bring.

Some Hot Things About Beverly Hills Real Estate Which You Ought to Know

Synonymous with exclusivity, luxury and some of the excellent real estate across the globe, Beverly Hiils real estate carries on drawing admirers and residents each year. So, what exactly draws people to Beverly Hills? Real estate professionals from the region share some interesting facts about Beverly Hills, which is why some high profile and affluent homebuyers love the region so much.

• Privacy

High profile individuals and celebrities love residing in Beverly Hills because of the great privacy offered by many streets. Many homes in the region have been designed keeping privacy in mind. From properties with private gated entrances and the latest technology to peaceful enclaves with cultivated landscaping to shield the tourists and paparazzi, Beverly Hills real estate has a safe, private and secluded retreat away from the boisterous Los Angeles.
With loads to offer, it can be easily found why the region is among the best places to purchase real estate in the whole of Los Angeles. When you’re prepared to delve into the available housing opportunities to you within the community or know more about the history of the place, you can get in touch with the Realtors there, who can give you some invaluable insight.

• Proximity

Individuals living in Beverly Hills real estate cite proximity as being one of the fundamental reasons for opting to reside in the area. The place is centrally located to studios and offices which make commuting easier. Besides, with both the mountains and beaches a stone’s throw away, the place offers some of the most exquisite surroundings in Southern California. People wanting to take some respite and go for an outing on the weekend, can visit San Diego, San Francisco , the vineyards of Paso Robles or Temecula, or even a spa in Palm Springs. The luxury lifestyle which Beverly Hills real estate has to offer on being close to the hot spots is an enticing offer for home buyers.

• Landscape

Beverly Hills real estate is meticulously manicured since it’s surrounded by the ultimate landscaping in Los Angeles. From circuitous streets lined with palm trees to amazing grounds of green grass and hills, properties in Beverly Hills look like as if they are built amongst a warm and humid oasis. Such features can hardly be seen anywhere in Los Angeles. Here are some interesting facts about Beverly Hills.

• Schools

Beverly Hills has a friendly ambience and offers some top schools in a community that is tightly knit. The Beverly Hills School District is seen as a national leader in education, with its students consistently scoring higher than the national average. The Performing Arts Department of Beverly Hills High School is greatly popular for the quality of its theatrical and musical productions, and even for its highly regarded alumni. The alumni of Beverly Hills High School is well-known in the industry, with writers, producers and casting directors often participating in classes and events to speak to students, while giving them valuable advice. The place also boasts of some outstanding schools like Good Shepherd School, Emanuel Academy of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Preparatory School and Page Private School among others.

• Weather

Residents of Beverly Hills real estate can have close to 278 days of sunshine each year. There is nothing better than the weather in Southern California. Living in Beverly Hills, you can have the experience of a sunny day and a cool, pleasant night after the sun goes down. This perfect climate of the region makes Beverly Hills real estate much sought after.

• Value

The place has some of the most exquisite and expansive homes not only in Los Angeles but in the world. Generally, the value of homes in Beverly Hills is superior to properties in other places of Los Angeles. Also, legendary properties play a leading role in enhancing the overall value of the region. Exclusivity and high demand have resulted in Beverly Hills being one of the most costly housing markets in the US. Buying a home here can be considered a lifetime investment-whether as a rental property or a primary home.

• Shopping and Dinning

From Tiffany to Saint Laurent Paris, there are more than hundred retailers based on Rodeo Drive-the most renowned street in the world for haute couture boutiques and designer label. Designer clothes, cars, jewellery and the best of everything you can imagine can easily be found in Beverly Hills. The region has some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles along with five star dining. These include Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, Mastro’s Steakhouse, The Grill on The Alley, Scarpetta at the Montage, Piccola Paradise etc.

• Attractions

Besides being a place to some of the best shopping and dining spots in the world, Beverly Hills has an array of recreational pursuits and cultural attractions to keep its residents enriched and happy. For instance, The Paley Center for Media permits visitors to pick and listen to titles from a huge library which boasts of more than 120,000 radio programs and TV shows. The Wallis Anneberg Center for Performing Arts is the latest hub for art and culture, which opened its doors to the public in October last year. The Beverly Gardens Park, the legendary Greystone Estate, the historic Virgina Robinson Gardens and the Farmer’s Market are some of the top attractions available for buyers of Beverly Hills real estate.

• Exclusivity

Even though this appears last in the list, it’s paramount to Beverly Hills real estate. The place boasts of possessing one of the most exclusive communities in the United States. This exclusivity has driven buyers for years to reside here. Find more why residents of Beverly Hills find it to be an exclusive place.

It’s human nature to desire the things which they don’t have. For many, buying a property in Beverly Hills is something which they can’t imagine and hence is the best expression of one’s success and wealth. From its sprawling compounds to its gated estates, the respect that comes with buying Beverly Hills real estate is something that many die for and will slog to achieve.

Living the Extravagant Lifestyle LA Offers

If extravagance is your lifestyle then you are going to love living in the LA area and VLA Realty can help you with all of your extravagant home purchasing needs. We offer a massive selection of homes that provide all of the hot amenities that you desire in order to meet your luxurious requirements.

Los Angeles is Home to the Stars

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is home to the stars so why not treat yourself to the same lifestyle that the stars enjoy. Grand estates are available all over the LA area and are just waiting for you to purchase and relish in their grandeur. Beautiful and spacious home that provide the lifestyle that many only dream about are yours for the taking when you allow VLA Realty to assist you with your home buying needs in LA. Even though you may not be a celebrity you can still live like one if that is your desire. Many executives and entrepreneurs are proud to call LA their home and enjoy the splendor that it offers for their lifestyle.

Expensive Cars, Boats and Accessories

When expensive cars, boats and other accessories are a part of your personality and lifestyle, then you are going to find that LA is the place for you. You’ll love the way that you fit into all that LA has to offer. The finest dining, the most immaculate shopping, the entertainment and nightlife can add all of the bonus items that you expect and desire for your high end style of living. All of your high standards can easily be met in order to provide the upper style living that you seek. VLA Realty strives to provide our clients with the richest stand of living in which they are the most comfortable with by offering the most extravagant homes on the market.

Choose the Area that Matches Your Personality

Choosing a home in the LA area will allow you to choose the area that best matches your personality. Perhaps you want to enjoy high standards of living in your new home on the beautiful sandy beaches in the Malibu area or the breezy ocean views and access that Santa Monica can provide. Surfing, swimming, sunning and sailing can be at your beckon call on a daily basis when you choose to call the coast your home and you’ll find VLA Realty has the top listing of luxury homes in these areas that will exceed your expectations.

The Gate to Luxury Can Be Gated Communities

A gated community may be your choice in order to have the security that you desire while enjoying your high standard lifestyle and our selection is also large for this style of luxury home or estate. Beverly Hills or Bel-Air may offer the perfect luxury homes that meet your desires. Imagine the splendor that you can relish when purchasing your home in an area that not only provides extravagance but also provides security that you seek for yourself and your family. You’ll always feel safe while enjoying the high style of living that you seek. When privacy is important to you as well, Beverly Hills will meet your needs. Beverly Hills is well known for offering homes that make privacy a priority. Enclaves and landscaping have been specifically designed to provide the privacy and seclusion that offers protection as well.

Unique Homes For Unique Individuals

Los Angeles offers the most unique home for the most unique individuals. Views that provide all of the beauty and quality that LA offers are available in order to meet luxury clients needs. If a view that literally takes your breath away is one of the amenities that you need, then LA is going to be the best place for you to call home. You can choose from homes that offer modern styles, Victorian styles, contemporary styles and beach styles to satisfy your extravagant home needs. The market in the LA area is open to whatever style you may be looking for. You will find that there is no other place that can even come close to offer the variety of luxury homes that LA has to offer. There’s no settling on any home that is available, we will have no problem helping you find the home that matches your wants and needs.

Unlimited Luxury

The homes available in the LA areas offer unlimited selection in size, style, location and amenities. The staff at VLA Realty leaves no stone unturned when it comes to matching homes with clients. We are able to match the home with your personality, character, demands and all other detailed criteria that you desire. From the estate itself to the landscaping we have the perfect home selections for you.

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Must-Have Luxury Improvements for the Kitchen

You undoubtedly want to make your home as comfortable as possible, and adding to the value of your property is certainly desirable, too. A location in luxury homes that is a prime spot for enhancement is the kitchen. It can be customized for convenience, comfort and ease of use, not to mention adding chic interior design touches to enhance the beauty of the space. When it comes to making improvements on this room, the sky can be the limit. But here are some suggestions on ways to add to your home with renovations that are functional, attractive and fashionable.

Kitchen Confidential

In many homes, the first room that everyone spends a lot of their time together is the kitchen. For some, it’s the social center of the home; the place where the family gathers to eat and talk, or the place where folks sit down together for a cup of coffee. What better place to begin renovations when you want to make your home more welcoming and attractive. If you happen to be a foodie and love to spend time behind the stove, the kitchen is a prime location to add the latest gadgets and conveniences for the chef of the house.

Adding a more spacious feel to the room may require some drastic alterations, such as knocking down walls and raising the ceiling. That could give your kitchen a more open feel and will give you more room to move around in, as well.

Open and Shut Case

If performing such dramatic alterations is more than you’d like to take on, perhaps a less invasive route might be the way to go. One way to add a breath of fresh air to the room is new cabinets. You can add cabinets in any style that suits you, whether you want an austere, highly functional setup that will give you all of the right storage for cooking and baking, or cabinets that are stylish, ornate or thoroughly modern.

Counter Culture

Replacing countertops can add a new look to your kitchen, and while you’re at it you might consider adding some extra work space for easier food prep, especially if you spend a fair amount of time entertaining. You may want to choose marble or granite countertops for their beauty and durability. Other materials commonly used for countertop replacement include travertine, limestone, soapstone, slate, onix, Caesar Stone, Sile Stone and Ice Stone. You might also consider concrete countertops, which can be cast in any color and shape that you desire. Concrete can be treated and sealed to reduce staining.

Appliance Compliance

You might also want to consider adding stainless steel appliances for a more modern look, including subzero refrigerators, built-in conventional and microwave ovens and cooktop ranges. The majority of cooks like a gas stove, but if you are one of those who prefer electric, then a ceramic or glass cooktop should be on your radar screen. A custom-built kitchen island is also a great way to personalize your food prep space and add to your overall counter and storage space.

You Have the Floor

Hardwood flooring provides a luxurious surface to your kitchen or any other room in your house, for that matter. Some interesting choices for hardwood flooring include eucalyptus, cherry, oak, and walnut. If tile is more to your liking, you might look at any number of different types, including porcelain and stone. If you’ve chosen a stone countertop, you may find that stone floor tiles in a contrasting color and texture are the perfect complement to your kitchen’s overall look.

10 Great Tips To Choose The Right Floor Plan

One of the most exciting phases of your life can perhaps be choosing your own home. From which city you decide to live in to the neighborhood you’d want to raise your family-the ideal home should match most of your requirements and dreams. A more important aspect is the way you and your family members use your home so that it suits your lifestyle.

You may be thinking about the amenities you want while searching for your dream home. Even though it’s important to keep these features in mind, don’t ignore the floor plan as it’s a crucial aspect that has to be taken into consideration while choosing your dream home. Before getting overwhelmed, take a look at these top ten ways to get the best floor plan for your ideal home.

  1. Consider the size of your home that will suit your family in the best way

Every family will not feel comfortable in a tiny two-bedroom apartment and every family will not require a sprawling estate. Selecting a floor plan should begin with the size of the home that will fit your lifestyle and requirements. Assess the number of bedrooms you need for your children as well as the number of bathrooms that are sufficient for you and any visiting guest. Your home’s size should be the first point to be taken into consideration.

  1. Select a floor plan depending on your design style

Every homeowner has his own unique design style and selecting a floor plan that meets your requirements is utterly essential. Find out if you are the traditional type who would opt for a compartmentalized floor plan with walls separating the rooms. Some homeowners may also prefer the modern style with the concept of an open floor plan that would cater to their needs better. Examine your furnishings and how you’d decorate your home while choosing an ideal floor plan. Coordinated and flowing colors are of great significance if you’d opt for an open floor plan.

  1. Decide the kind of dwelling type that suits your location

Based on where you’d reside could in fact dictate the kind of floor plan that will best suit you. Dwellings like single- family homes have outdoor spaces for a backyard and yard. These dwellings provide more space that can be spread out in. Attached homes similar to condos or brownstones in an urban area can also meet the requirements of single family homes. However, these are divided in the midst of a multi-level floor plan. In case of split-level floor plans, all your floors can be split into separate levels. They don’t consume the total footprint of your home. Consider which of these kinds are found in your locality.

  1. Understand the pros and cons of the floor plan you choose

You’ll never come across an ideal floor plan since every floor plan has its share of pros and cons. Do not think of getting the perfect floor plan. Instead, focus on your priorities and the things with which you can survive with or without. Having a large living room window that allows a lot of natural light can make your heating and cooling bills go up. A floor plan that is spacious and open will make it difficult for you to concentrate in your close by home office as your children are in the living room watching TV. Always weigh the pros and cons while selecting the ideal floor plan.

  1. Take a decision depending on the layout

While choosing a floor plan, see to it that your decision is based on how your home feels. Don’t get amused by the appliances, countertops and the upgraded floors in the model home. Instead, create an opinion from a “stripped down” version of the home. A floor plan should never feel great because of the attractive carpet that may go into the living room. Instead, it should feel nice since the living room is a comfortable and welcoming area for family members and guests.

  1. Trust your instincts

You as a homeowner, have the ability to judge if a space feels comfortable or unfriendly. These instincts have to be taken into consideration while touring various floor plans. You’ll be appalled by the number of floor plan styles you can choose from. If you have small children, you’d like your master bedroom to be contained amongst the other bedrooms. On the other hand, if your family has teenagers, it would be great for your master bedroom to be isolated by public spaces like the kitchen and living room instead.

  1. Determine if you need to  buy new furniture or use the existing ones

While you may just be focusing on the layout of your floor plan and the rooms, selecting furniture is an important task. If you’d like to settle for your present furniture, ensure to take this into account while looking at floor plans. If you want to buy a new set, you’ll need to have an idea on what pieces fit into which rooms. All of these have to be considered while choosing a floor plan.

  1. Keep your budgetary limits in mind

There’s always a fantasy side to all of us-a dream to go better and bigger. Prior to setting your heart on the type of floor plan, have an idea of the associated costs. Talk to a builder or contractor to determine the costs as you move down to the floor plan that suits your budget.

  1. Floor plan for the entertainer

If you are an entertainer and loves inviting people at your home, it’s best to settle for an open floor plan. This will not limit the conversation to various rooms. For an entertainer, a loft-style space is ideal since you can interact with your guests in the living room while wrapping up the meal in the kitchen.

  1. Keep the option for floor plan modifications open

Your eyes would always be pleased to have the perfect floor plan and in doing so, modifying or remodeling could be a viable option. Opening up a wall to allow natural light come in or removing an extra closet to create more room could work towards the betterment of your floor plan.

Choosing the best floor plan for your home can be both overwhelming and exciting. The first step while taking the decision is to determine your requirements while the second involves figuring out your wants. Take your time and relax until you find the best floor plan that compliments the style of your new home.

Meeting Your Extravagant Home Expectations

Perhaps you have some important extravagant needs in the home that you are shopping for, VLA Realty can easily meet all of your home needs in the LA in order to provide the desires that you have from your next high end home. You’ll be pleased with our realtors’ performance from the beginning of the process until it’s completed.

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Luxury Living and homes in Los Angeles

Life and style in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, tagged as one of the number one areas to visit as well as live. People from all walks of life migrate to Los Angeles, hoping to make their wishes and dreams come true.

Many people have packed up everything they own to move to the land of opportunity where Hollywood makes it look so simple. Los Angeles inspires people to live life to its fullest. It’s the only place in American that offers the exclusive luxury life of the celebrities. The beauty and opportunities make even Hollywood look small.

Once you have experienced the culture and creativity in Los Angeles, you will see why luxury real estate is in its prime. When those that invest in Luxury homes in the Los Angeles area they are seeking more than just a mansion. It’s all about turning life into a lifestyle that only happens right there.

A life of luxury

Luxury, most refer to it as meaning “life of extravagance.” Adding to the comfort of living in luxury real estate property, and you have a life that much desires but few conquer it. Due to affording the life of dreams, this is what makes Los Angeles the most popular area for luxury real estate properties.

Scarcity and Appeal

Los Angeles offers luxury most only dream. The homes are unique in architectural designs offering shoppers the freedom to find their dream home. Shopping for a luxury home in Los Angeles is much more than a price tag. Property packages are also defined by the flair and appeal the property offers.

Homes built back 45 or 55 years ago found in Beverly Hills are available in high numbers but aren’t considered a luxury. A home such as the Beverly House is one that defines luxury. Being the ultimate example of what living a life filled with rarity and uniqueness.

Beauty with breathtaking views in and around the Los Angeles area are second to none. Whether you chose a home in the Hollywood Hills or Malibu, the beauty will take your breath away.

Los Angeles weather

What more could a homeowner ask for than a year round amazing weather? Los Angeles hands down wins the award for best weather for every season. Others who decide to buy homes in popular areas such as Florida or New York lose the perk that owning a luxury home in Los Angeles offers.

Owning a home in Los Angeles offers such spectacular weather that is enjoyable all year round. Other luxury home destinations often deserted in off seasons due to weather.

Other luxury home destinations offer some amazing perks that make purchasing them seem wonderful. What is the point of investing in a luxury home with astounding beach access if you only have it a few months out of the year?

The life lived in Los Angeles

What to say about the nightlife in Los Angeles? There is a world of its own that exists in Los Angeles. No other nightlife can come close to what you will find in some of the finest clubs in the world. These clubs host the most popular hangouts where all the big name people frequent. With world famous DJ’s, you can only find this type of luxury in one place, Los Angeles.

What about the shopping and dining? Every popular spot has its own life of nightlife and the promise of shopping like no other. None means it more than Los Angeles. There are a few things that separate the other popular spots from Los Angeles. No other place holds such titles as being THE most popular spot for luxury shopping.

No other destination can say that the shopping experience itself is a reason for so many tourists. Just think of the elaborate shopping places such as Rodeo Drive and Melrose.

Luxury dining is a culinary gem of its own. You have some of the most famous restaurants in the world right in your neighborhood. You may find yourself having a simple, quiet dinner and find yourself sitting at the table next to some of the most famous people around.

More famous chefs from all over the world move to Los Angeles to bring their talent right to your table. Los Angeles is the capital of the culinary industry.

The same as the dining and nightlife, Los Angeles is an open market for entertainment. Who can ask for more that Hollywood itself? Where can you go and turn around and see celebrities on every corner? The life in Hollywood is the largest attraction to this amazing life filled with luxury.

Location with luxury homes is everything. Disneyland is within driving distance, giving the homes in the area a greater appeal to those with children. The world of entertainment in Los Angeles is a world that stands all by itself. It offers luxury within itself. Luxury homes in the area are what tips it over the edge.

Variety in design

Architecture in the Los Angeles home market is the one other follow suite for design and the latest trends. Luxury homes come in any style you can imagine

•   Modern

•   Contemporary

•   Vintage

•   Beach style

•   Bohemian

•   Minimalist

The luxury real estate market is an open world for any style you desire. You will have no problem finding the perfect home that fits your character. Being the second largest city in the country, Los Angeles engulfs the dream many Americans and others around the world seek.

Luxury Real Estate never fades away as with the steady growth of those seeking to make their way to fame along with the desire to live in the highest means of having a luxury home. Los Angeles is the place where everyday people become famous overnight. Average people turn into superstars when they enter the exclusive clubs made for those with clout.

The opportunities are endless no matter who or what you are of a background. A phenomenal blend of top of the line facilities and luxury real estate makes Los Angeles the most incredible place to buy your next home.

No other place on earth offers the luxury lifestyle of Los Angeles does nor will you find luxury real estate quite like what is available. All you need to do to confirm this is take a drive around to find homes designed by the finest in the world.